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  • While trading genealogy info with one of my NJ cousins, he shared this 1916 invoice from Forbes & Botbyl. Forbes-Botbyl_whiskeys.png
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    Simply KILLER stuff right there, would love to have a piece like that, great info and labels
    Hay E this person needs help on the age of his bottle, post is titled " bottles broke" Im trying here just need a better advice.
    i started a dig at the river today posted my finds found another variation of the brauns (3 of the same) if you want 1 let me know
    Local seltzers don't always bring alot of money, but sometimes the blue or green ones sell for good prices on eBay, they are hit & miss. There's alot of them out there, I think I have about 30 from Paterson, which one do you have? You can email me pics at epackage@msn.com, good luck at the dump/river
    was wondering if you knew anyone local who collects old seltzer bottles have one that i found doing a remodle job on a house a few yrs ago i'd sell for $35 i'm posting pics of it now and thanks for all your replys on my posts also going to hit the spot i founf the old stonie at i think it may be an old river bottle dump area let you know how i did later
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