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  • well I am jealous of your abilities. must have been amazing going to school for Ă„delstensteknik. I have taken a few geology courses, & have always loved them. now I just try to read as much as I can find.
    My daughter went to Germany this summer. she was thinking she would make it to Sweden, but she got way laid by the architecture in Germany & never left the country. She will move there as soon as she can. She is studying finde arts, so you can imagine how much she loved Europe.
    If your dad is anything like me, it's kinda hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
    EU, thanks for the links. you have a beautiful collection. Did you Dad teach you to cab & facet? I think if you put the link on Tnet you would get a good response. thanx again, have a good day.
    hey man....i have a little trouple figuring out a rock i found in denmark last has golden edges and inside looks like rust although im pretty sure its not rust. im not sure what it could be, it is more heavy than a stone the same size and even bigger. im having the feeling of gold but i am not sure. i would really apreciate if u would want to take a look at it? we could exchange emails and then i could give u a picture of it. let me know if u can help me out. thanks in advance //Nikolaj. ps, jag är också svensk talande.
    Hey, I was wondering what kind of stone that is in your avatar? It's beautiful!
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