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  • Hello, Eye! Thanks for the "like", even if the post is just over a year old. Still good to see people are reading my posts. Even still, the advice is timeless. The sound IS everything! The zips, zaps, pops , and fizzles of every machine mean something. It is like a language.... once you figure it out, it really is telling you something. I have been detecting for over 40 years. The basics are still the same. They will never change. Tnx agn. Terry
    hey DDD!
    You are lucky on the roads, but we have ONE FS cop to cover No. half of the Forest!! Good luck, huh? . I haven't seen any where here that OHV abused any trail..., and wood cutters have to get in to the wood....! Crazy!
    I can come down someday but the weather has been too hot. The road closure process is largely depends on public input. We did very well up here and few of roads are closed to OHV riders. Hardly any of the roads are actually being considered for full closure.
    Ah, coin spills; I remember them. We will have get more creative and find sites that have never been hunted. I stopped by Dog Creek just across the tracks but there were questionable folks hanging out and a posted mining claim above the swimming area. I will have go by there in morning real early.
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