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  1. Sunken Jewels, buried treasure uncovered in the Bahaamas from iconic 17th century Spanish shipwreck

    The ship Nuestra Senora de las Maravillas (Our Lady of Wonders), part of a huge pile of treasure has been found , but only parts of it....., by AllenX, recovery outfit. Few pictures to enjoy..., as I watched it on TV this morning news - one diver holding a gold chain he just found. New York...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Thin silver found years ago

    Probably a SILVER coin, of unknown source and date..., however, it is very likely OLD too...!! :icon_thumright:
  3. Real gold?

    looks like placer gold....tho Platinum might have similar appearance
  4. Metal Detecting so misunderstood after all these years

    Touching HISTORY Is a real thing. To wonder about who held this last and what was life like for them…, something the current generation doesn’t consider much any more, unfortunately…!
  5. Hello From Ontario, Canada

    Welcome to TNet! You membership means you too can contribute, applying your knowledge and skill sets to help others as well
  6. Unknown blade

    ADZE...? Dandy artifact tho...! :icon_thumright:
  7. 1853 half dime that stoped a bullet..

    Awesome! Reminds me the gold coin that stopped a bullet for captain Dixon, on that confederate sub, the Hunley
  8. 1761 Swedish one ore coin

    Awesome! 👍 It’s in great shape for as old as it is…! And as old as you are, you should be in great shape too! =D I’m 76………
  9. First Gold Ring

    Congratulations! It's beautiful...! My first was a 10k little girls ring
  10. Hi, I'm new to this website. Here's is some of my best finds

    WoW! Sweet Finds...! Welcome to TreasureNet...!
  11. Simplex question

    You/he wasn't doing anything wrong, and the machine was doing its job, it is just a fact of life, detecting, you WILL find cans and other largish items....! I'd say that the tone and loudness can be a clue to cautiously approach these targets...and enjoy the day - you are out doing what you like...
  12. Creepiest thing I've found metal detecting so far.

    For sure! I didn’t keep it, put it back where I found it…!
  13. Creepiest thing I've found metal detecting so far.

    I found a cremation tag, listing business address of mortuary AND the number for the deceased
  14. Woman finds treasure chest full of coins on Norfolk beach

    Thanks! I responded without opening that (usual trick of mine…!) Awesome find, eh?