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  1. Sports park still producing !

  2. Hunting Soccer Fields?

    I hunt them
  3. XP 280 Backpack review

    True, over the years detector companies have been selling us rebranded repackaged gear with a up cost. The past bags, find bags, detector bags felt like more of a after thought and cheaply made. Xp went out of the way to make a purpose built bag that i feel warrants the cost.
  4. XP 280 Backpack review

  5. Permission turns into a relic hunt !

    I didn't expect this !!!!
  6. Making your own over the ear WS headphones

    Quick overview of how i made my own !
  7. Echo and I out hitting the park

    Found a couple of heart stoppers !
  8. How are all of our Ukrainian Tnet friends doing?

    I’m betting the propaganda the Russian military that was real. I bet they thought they were going to be welcomed with open arms and flowers thrown at them. Sovereignty and democracy wins at the end of the day and people from all walks will fight for it. Bless them .
  9. Orx Discrimination

    Back when i started detecting it would have taken multiple machines that run at different frequencies to do what the XP machines can do as one .
  10. Orx Discrimination

    When i work a new sports field with the x35 11in i set the Disc to 35, Fast and often lower the sens down to 85 "Big coil". This is my sweeper cherry picking mode on a new field. Only go for targets that have good tone and repeatable. Then i swap to the HF 9, stock fast but in a higher...
  11. Which Coil For ORX

    This ! A different coil is like getting multiple machines !
  12. ORX with 11in X35 another ring pulled !

    Got out with a 11in x35 I bought and hit the sports fields. I’m glad that the VDI numbers don’t change with switching coils “my ORX came with the HF 9 elliptical “ . I wanted a big coil for sweeping the sport fields and beaches when I go. Ran in fast setting , Reactivity 2, 25khz. The big coil...
  13. @calibash

    Calabash I want to pre-face by saying I do agree with everything you say in your videos in the testing that you’re conducting. There is a few thoughts of mine while watching your videos , by the way I’m a subscriber. also the one thing you want to make sure to tell other Detectorists doing test...
  14. Coin fast/deep

    I wonder why they named these programs with “Coin” ? And not just name them deep and fast ? When Xp carried over these programs from the Deus did they set the filters a certain way to hit harder on good targets ? It seems like it to me but not just coins. It seems like these two programs can be...
  15. Which Coil For ORX

    I use both 11 x35 and 9 HF elliptical They both hit coins "and everything else" hard at depth. Im sure the 9 in round HF is the same. As said in trashy areas the smaller coils are superior. You will get less chatter and EMI too.