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  • I was wondering if I am missing something to help me locate older homes. We did find two site that gave us over 80 coins all before 1830, and some very rare bust coins. We also got lucky following a bulldozer near a major 1812 battle and found over 160 buttons, some cannon balls and a few belt plates ,,.. Anyways what are your sources of locating old site... ???? Am I missing something ??? Thanks for any help . JIm
    Nice finds, I live in WNY and have my share of finds including over 300 large cents, 2300 religious medals found in 2 holes. Then I find the $5.00 gold and all the above found with my research using a wall pull down map from 1850, I use Mapreka, Historic Map works, and satellite pics.
    Would love to join you on a WNY hunt, in Ohio it’s tough to break into the pre 1700s or anything colonial is very rare. Here is a tip if you didn’t already know. A lot of the original surveyors would only plot a homesteaders home on the map if they payed for a copy of the map up front. Knowing that, a lot of the original pioneers were too poor to buy a map so their homes went unmapped.
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