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  1. Anything?

    Decapitated petrified crane head.
  2. How can I clean these up?

    Yea, quit wasting your time with those rocks. You could be doing much more with your time, like drinking beer or chasing wild women!
  3. What was this used for?

    Those were used as teeth by people in the Appalachian hills.
  4. am I the only african American that metal detects?

    I've only seen black detectives, but I've never seen any black detectorists.
  5. What Does it Say?

    "Moped Legion" Was a coin given to patched out moped riding outlaws back then. They couldn't afford the embroidered pricing for a colors patch, so they ground down Chuck E. Cheese tokens and engraved the name on the tokens. Great find!
  6. What is your best dumpster find?

    Here's a picture of my dumpster dive trailer. All but the expanded metal and axle/ tires are from my dumpster dives to build my trailer that pulls behind my Rokon.
  7. *Contest Time*

    $27,394.89. Been known to usually over shoot a bit.
  8. What's wrong with people

    Makes me think of the old commercial with "Iron Eyes" Cody.
  9. Any Practical Jokers?

    I was building high rise towers in Vegas about 10 years ago. I had a remote control fart machine that I would plant next to one of the port a potties they had on every floor that was near the man lift elevator. The potties had no tops on them, and you can see the feet and lower legs of anyone...
  10. Any Practical Jokers?

    About 15 years ago, I did a roof tear off for a friend of mine. He had a few squirrels that entered his attic of the old house he had through an opening in the eaves. A few of them were running rampid at night, keeping him awake at night. He was a white collared guy who " had a heart" for those...
  11. black bear in Pennsylvania

    I'll bet after dining at that septic tank he probably tasted like $hit!
  12. What is your best dumpster find?

    That copper probably funds the after work beers and the cable companies Christmas parties.
  13. What is your best dumpster find?

    True that! I had a grin on my face from ear to ear with every bite and a happy full belly with all them eats!
  14. What is your best dumpster find?

    I found a workout bench with some of those bed frames and a trailer axle in the dumpster that I'm building a small trailer with to pull behind my moto tractor. Bed frames will be used as rails for sides as well as the deck that I welded from those frames.
  15. What is your best dumpster find?

    I make a daily run into town at the local dump to check the metal scrap dumpster. I've got lots of good material for welding. Last week, the town medical community center must have tossed out a whole bunch of metal bed frames. All nice straight angle iron lengths for lots of building projects...