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  • firemac i just seen message you sent back in jan sorry i am about 140 miles from galveston been wanting to go there for awhile now been to the ocean twice puerto rico and south padra island most of my finds came from fresh water lakes
    Hi D

    I am still going thru it, I will send you a pic and get a weight this weekend. I am still practicing, I got one bag initially when I got my GPAA membership and got a bit of color with it. I got a bag on ebay and was pretty dissapointed with the large amount of big rocks in the bag, and very little color, though I have not gone thru the entire bag, I have gone thru about 75% and there were just a few colors, and not much black sand or tiny gold at all... Will update this weekend!
    Finally yes. I'm starting to get the hang of it. Got me a DD coil too now. Now all I need is time to go. Hopefully this summer after baseball is over we can go get sweaty.
    I got the cheepo "Bounty Hunter Gold Digger"
    Reviews said it was ok for a starter??? I have used it and now 4 cents richer just in my own front yard. LOL
    Had it up the Canyon and found an old handle of some sort a few scraps of copper wire. I guess the copper is worth more than the pennies I found. :) :headbang:
    Seems to work pretty good. just need to figure out the sounds of different stuff.??? But I guess that just comes with experience the more I use it.
    Any pointers would really help. I know I can't make a living on this Treasure stuff but need something to do in afew years when I retire. :hello2: Just seems like all this is right up my alley and will keep me somewhat active:walk:
    Good Luck to You:treasurechest:
    Sweet! Just got my el-cheepo MD today. Can't wait to start goofing around with it.
    Sluice for Christmas now an MD... It's on now LOL :2barsgold:
    Good Luck to ya !!!
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