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  1. Is it legal to tow magnetometer

    Your outboard motor fell off your boat,you dont need a permit from the state or anyone to go look for it with a mag or ss.
  2. Coins Found on Beach at Cape Canaveral

    Heres a list of all the NOAA aerial photos that were taken after all the hurricanes that hit florida and other gulf states as well up the entire east coast.Best is to download the images to see them unless you have a really fast computer.
  3. Seeking Advice on Shipwreck Discovery

    You can do what one guy did that found well over 20 wrecks in the gulf on the west side of florida when the state didnt want to give him any contracts he made a web site and posted all the info including the gps cords for everyone to see.
  4. Coins Found on Beach at Cape Canaveral

    After the 2004 hurricanes i found some very large timbers on the beach at the cape which i believe belonged to a 800 ton ship.i pulled several bronze spikes out of them.the dunes had washed away and the timbers were exposed.a week later they were buried again.I also found a rudder post that...
  5. Coins Found on Beach at Cape Canaveral

    Years ago some vacationing family from out of town was at jetty park and one of their kids was digging in the sand to make a sand castle and he found a bunch of gold coins.
  6. Why does the State of Florida employ people that are not honest

    Black duck can do whatever he wants with the emails he gets from state workers.Id imagine if you requested all the emails from the corrupt state workers you would get redacted items.Florida does have a sunshine law.
  7. seeking info on the 3 rd Ave. wrecksite in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

    The coquina or hardpan in the new smyrna beach area is 50 feet down in the sand.Good luck with that.This is why no one has any contracts with the state on any of the wrecks there.
  8. New Shipwreck Located

    The gold wasnt stored in the captains cabin.Someone i know did the extensive research on this wreck and even talked to the survivors and their families.
  9. New design

    Well maybe traffic will pick up here due to facebook,whats app and instagram is all gone by getting their dns deleted by hackers from australia.
  10. Trying to find: Towfish/Probe/Sensor for the JW Fishers Proton 3 Marine Magnetometer

    I have a dalton mag head but no electronic box or cable so maybe you can adapt this head to your fish and electronic box.Loola private msg me for info.
  11. New design

    I like the old layout better.If its not broken dont try and fix it.
  12. robert marx's clue on the 1641 fleets location of loss

    There are about 9 wrecks in the new smyrna beach area.4 of them are near the beach.
  13. Florida Permit/Contract

    Here's the port where RPM's R/v Hercules hangs out.Its right across from the island yacht charters malta.3rd ship from the right.there are 4 ships in a row.I was trying to find a AIS on the ship with no luck yet...
  14. Florida Permit/Contract

    Black Duck,Couldn't you get a court case thrown out if there's a conflict of interest with a lawyer like Goold being he is a treasure hunter/finder himself?
  15. Florida Permit/Contract

    James A.Goold is also a treasure hunter himself and owns a company with current projects.Might want to check up on how legal his projects are.