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  • Hey D!! Wanted to ask you a question - I am interested in purchasing a water detector (fresh water) with land hunting ability as well. I wondered what you might recommend. I have looked into Fisher CZ21 and Minelab Excalibur II. Not wanting to go broke but don't want to purchase a cheap unit either. Wondered if you have heard any good or bad feedback about these 2 or any others? For example, I have read that the Fisher CZ21 is set in a "salt water" mode only and some people think this has a negative affect in certain fresh water or land conditions.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!!
    Enjoyed meeting you yesterday at the park in Leslie. Thanks for the local info. Wanted to let you know I may have several old home sites in the Stockbridge area to hunt. I am just waiting to hear back. I know a couple of the houses have some very old barns if it something that interest you I will let you know when I am heading out there. Once again great to meet you and have a good day.
    Hey Fist Full of Dirt,
    I am working in Potterville, MI on Tuesday morning. If you live near there would you like to meet up for lunch?
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