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  1. Equinox Pod Improvements

    The design of the equinox just doesn't have water hunting in mind. The coil and pod create a lot of drag, and of course the pod itself is somewhat fragile and prone to leaks. I water hunted with mine briefly hoping it could be a "one machine for all" but ultimately set it aside for dry hunts...
  2. Father's day beach hunt Treasure Island

    Yes I am very familiar with some of those stories and the people involved. I sure miss those meters. Sorry for double thread, didnt realize the first attempt posted (had connection issues on phone)
  3. TI sat morning gold

    It tested and is marked 14k but the stones are fakes. Oops I guess I posed these finds twice, I didnt realize this first post went thru cause my phone connection was acting up!
  4. Father's day beach hunt Treasure Island

    I moved away from this area and drove back this weekend to visit family for my birthday (and father's day) and figured I'd hunt some of my old favorite spots with a friend of mine. Swore up and down to my buddy that I regularly found rings in one particular spot here but he didn't seem...
  5. TI sat morning gold

    Hit TI (west fl) this morning and was rewarded with silence. Sand piled high, high tide, and sandy soft sand bars. Found a small section of hard ground at the first drop and pulled this up.
  6. Season 9

    And the only reason they think it's there is because two kids were playing saw a block on a tree branch over what was was probably ONCE a well, and imagined that it was actually a secret tunnel leading to pirate treasure. Coincidentally they were actually pretending to be looking for pirate...
  7. Metal Detecring. Found a Gold Ring.

    congrats! well done
  8. Divers...old air

    ?? The video said exactly what I said. All of the things you quoted have to do with the risks of filling a damaged tank. The air is fine. You can use it, then come back and get a visual when you get it refilled. Or you can make an extra trip to the dive store, wait around for a visual, and...
  9. New Beach Detector? Learn to Use Tide Charts

    if you are there at low tide you are several hours late for a few reasons: 1) Everyone else is already there detecting 2) Sand is dropped on the bank as the tide goes out 3) Chasing the tide out is easier than trying to rush it as it comes in.
  10. Divers...old air

    Air is filled bad, it doesnt go bad, unless its a helium mixture in which case helium can escape over time. Visual inspecting is to check for corrosion or cracks, to determine if its safe to fill.
  11. CZ-21 mounting brkt

    I make them, I'm the ebay seller.
  12. Fisher 1220-x Battery Packs

    Amazon: Corpco 4 x AA Battery Holder with Standard snap Connector 6V Output Type BH342 2 Pack
  13. My LRL find a target again 400 feet away

    Yet you think copper rusts. Rust is Iron Oxide.