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  1. Using fishing depth finding sonars units for metal detecting

    The drone comes in handy getting into overgrown areas. Run an aerial grid of the area before bushwacking in. Load the lon/lats in taking pix and video for features that would be overlooked or not seen at ground level.
  2. Using fishing depth finding sonars units for metal detecting

    I use a Garmin Sonar/Chartplotter. The Sonar has Chirp technology. Look at it as a finder with multiple frequencies for fantastic detail compaired to a regular finder that usually runs on 2 freq. I also have a Navagation Case which includes an IPad pared with a Garmin GLOll (gps) with GAIA...
  3. Blue-Green Algae

    We have that problem in Fl. also. The Red Tide. By the end of summer it usually has the SW Coast shut down. The Mayor of St Pete was on the news last week asking for volunteers to help clean up all the dead fish on the beaches, bad for tourism…... Over 800 Manatees have starved to death so far...
  4. boater's beaches at big lake

    Party beaches all over Florida, usually at the inlets, hit them all the time. I will monitor the tides and arrive at low tide and detect where the boats would be beached at high, early in the morning before anyone gets there. Lots of bottle tops. Folks getting in and out of their boats dropping...
  5. wet suit

    IMO Try before you buy. wetsuits are like shoes they either fit or they don’t. Too tight, can’t get in and out of them, too loose, don’t work properly. Everyones body and shape are different. Years ago I was dead set on a US Divers suit. Top fit great, bibs didn’t fit at all with my skinny...
  6. What Alcoholic Beverage Got You So Sick, You NEVER Drank it Again?

    Jack Daniels Never drank whiskey, chugged a pint just before going in a Led Zeppelin concert. The whole night was a blur, lost a bag of weed, wrecked my Dads new Pontiac Firebird, hit a telephone pole, if I wouldn’t have hit the pole I would have driven into a new car lot. Woke up the next...
  7. relic hunter attacked by alligator

    I’m more concerned with the wild hogs more than the gators. 3 close encounters in the last year. Too close. One on the east side of Lake George and two at Mosquito Lagoon. We have come across some good size gators in the Lagoon exploring.
  8. relic hunter attacked by alligator

    We must live pretty close if your near Wekiwa. Longwood here.
  9. relic hunter attacked by alligator

    I think you nailed it. Found a connector line at Sharps Ferry, now 314, that is where I had the 2 buildings marked and there are 2 of the holding ponds right there.
  10. relic hunter attacked by alligator

    They could have been harvesting the lumber east of the river using these as large holding ponds then rafting them up to Silver Springs to the RR
  11. relic hunter attacked by alligator

    Apparently there was a whole string of these sites down the east side of the river. This is the oldest topo I could find anything earlier is blacked out
  12. relic hunter attacked by alligator

    Didn’t see a RR berm.
  13. relic hunter attacked by alligator

    Very possible, good theory. Ask around, Let me know if you come up with anything else. Thanks!
  14. relic hunter attacked by alligator

    The culverts were at the walls of the dikes, stood up on end, looked like some sort of drain system. That’s why I think they might have been large ponds. I have chirp sonar and found no evidence of piers, pilings or dock but the one has a loop canal dug right to it off the river. One old topo I...
  15. relic hunter attacked by alligator

    Hey Smallfoot, Found these on the Oklawaha south of the 314 bridge. Bushwhacked in during low water. Looks like a square 10’ dike system with drains. You can see canals dug like it was a steamboat port or dock system. I have researched all the Ports that run north from Silver river but nothing...