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  • Go figure. Tons of folks "out there" still think that a meterial thing can commit a crime........ I've taken my guns out hunting, and told them to bring back some game, while I took a nap.
    Never seemed to listen to me!! :laughing7:

    I'll chime in, by saying I would carry, depending on the where and when. And yes, I have a registered concealed permit. I do not feel that the weapon needs to be a permanent part of every outfit I own.
    That's my two-cents, and the next twenty people may disagree. I still feel that EVERY American is entitled to their opinion.
    Thank you so much or the reply! My post got many many replys and the moderators stated that being firearms were involved itwas moved to the new Political Forum. This forum can only be accessed by Chartered Members which requires a fee. Go figure. No one would ever know where it was moved but big brother is well and alive!
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