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  1. Silver quarter!!!

    Oh yeah I know all about that too! I haven’t found a coin star in years however I don’t know why…
  2. Silver quarter!!!

    Thanks a lot y’all! I’ve seen videos of people going through 100’s of dollars of quarters and not finding a silver and this was just 20 dollars worth of quarters. You just never know!
  3. Silver quarter!!!

    It’s been some time since I’ve found one, so when I came across it, my heart skipped a beat! I was looking through 20 dollars of laundromat quarters and suddenly, I found it. The 1963 date. I didn’t believe it at first and thought my eyes were mistaking 1963 for 1968 but when I saw the edge, I...
  4. 1850’s playground

    I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I’m trying to figure out my current situation and college and all that jazz. I hate being a fossil_adult man. Anyways a lot of crazy things have been happening recently so it’s nice to finally get back out here and post. I’ve had to put out a...
  5. How to change my name?

    I'm going to chase something I love. All in, I want a career that is also my passion!
  6. How to change my name?

    Thanks guys! I'm a young adult now!
  7. How to change my name?

    My name on here is Fossil_teenager but I turned 20 about a month ago. How do I change it to Fossil_adult? I'm no longer a teenager, so I'd like to change it if possible. Thanks guys!
  8. Doing the right thing sucks

    Thanks for all the replies y’all! I’m the future I won’t even touch anything I find at parks. I really wish, however, that we wouldn’t just leave history there to be destroyed. Because I don’t know how it’s exactly saving it by leaving it to the elements. And I’m not taking about personal...
  9. Doing the right thing sucks

    Yup. I wanted to do the right thing and hand them in, but there was nobody around. I didn't dig for these or anything they were right at the surface, and I put them back right where they were found. I was hoping it could at least be handed in because I didn't want to have to leave them behind...
  10. Doing the right thing sucks

    Yeah I know that's why I left it there. It didn't leave the park, and I'm not making a trip to jail.
  11. Doing the right thing sucks

    I was scoping out some new sites in DC. I really want some older material that’s accessible without having to drive for hours. So I looked around Georgetown, and found nothing. Then, I found some artifacts. Good news, these artifacts dated to the 1700’s. Bad news, it was a national park. This...
  12. Another DC bottle hunt

    Yup. The only thing that worries me is if all the bricks cave in while I'm digging. Anytime I see something above my head shift, I'm quick to move out the way. I will continue to search for another site with much older bottles, I've found it once, I can do so again. I would especially love to...
  13. Another DC bottle hunt

    I wonder if I should go look on the potomac as well? I've been finding these on the anacostia down at buzzards point I wonder if they got it over on the potomac as well?
  14. Another DC bottle hunt

    It's probably been destroyed by now, but there were so many bottling plants in DC in the late 1800's-early 1900's. This place I collect doesn't seem to be a privy I did research on it and it's a large city garbage dump with almost the entirety of DC's southwest being covered in century old...
  15. Another DC bottle hunt

    It’s a whole shoreline. It wouldn’t help any. I’d have to pump out the whole anacostia.