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  • Hey Frankn you still on this site? I'm looking for a 2 box and didn't know if you have any or know of any. Always like your posts.
    Hey Frankn Is there more info on the Arkansas Spanish gold near Wicks that you know of. Can you direct me in a direction if so. Thanks!
    Lol your still fighting this. I have up along time ago. These guys obviously don't use common sense. There just little boys chasing those dollar signs. In my option there as greedy as lowing fenn. I quit reading this thread when someone said I was slandering that fool. Good luck you need it.
    Sorry....additional.... ALL hook-ups. AC power, Sewer out (black water). Gray water out. (both can be capped for desert sitting). Cable TV. I also have Sirius/xm radio hook-up. Air-conditioning unit.... everything but a house maid! Terry
    Yes, that DC 10 appears to be full flaps down! Stall speed for those birds are about 145 so, yes, he is laying it all "on the line" for people he probably never met! A cross wind or gust and DOWN he goes. God bless them all! I, as you know, was a cop. I could chase a bad guy down an alley at night and he may not shoot me. He may even give up. But a fire has no sole. It has no conscience. A fire don't give up! God bless 'em all! Tnx for the PM, my friend. Terry
    I posted after a flood destroyed most of my magazines. Some of them are extremely hard to find.
    Since the other guy dredged up my old post I did folks the courtesy of telling them that I did still
    want that stuff and saving them the wondering of whether I would be willing to buy their stuff. Since
    I usually offer to pay in silver and old coins the folks that sold to me back then are damned glad they did.
    I answer you on the odd chance that you were serious and not just being a smartass. I'm a smartass
    myself so I can tell the signs. Have yourself a great day and lots of good finds the next time you search.
    Hi frank I live near oc MD. Where can one find a copy of charles Wilson letter that he wrote to his brother?
    im a beach hound but always seem to miss the day. ill be free tue afternoon and wed . id like to meet another person that actually believes coin beach still has coins. im not picky i just want a guinny .
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