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  • Yes i keep getting so many repeated emails ,I already traded,Thanks you don't have to email back we are done.please and thanks..
    sounds like a great idea Freddy, just let me know when your healed up and ready and we will go
    Thanx Freddy,

    I think I will need to find a detector club or something to start to meet people. We have a magazine over here called gold gem and treasure which I have written a few articles for- the goldfields in the outback are pretty tough from what I hear and it's real hot- but yeah people are finding gold. I would love to learn about underwater gold hunting- I am not sure about the laws on Dredging over here but I would love to meet people who do this while scuba diving. I have two underwater detectors (minelab and whites) and I am a water-boy so it would suit me better. What type of dredging do you do- creek?
    Hey Freddy,
    Thanks for the Welcome...what type of treasure are you into. I am interested in shipwrecks.
    Also, what does HH mean?
    Hey Freddy, sorry I can't hold it, need the cash right away. It will be on a buy it now basis, but if he decides to get it today he can paypal me
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