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  1. But it HAILS

    Looking out my RV window... and out the door. White Sands? This is a Southern California beach!!
  2. It never rains in California"

    'It never rains in California" :occasion14:
  3. They dont get them all

    They don't get them all Here's one for those people who prefer dead sea-lions!
  4. sea-lion pup

    A record-setting number of starving sea lion pups are packing marine care centers in California.An average of more than 200 sea lions are typically found stranded statewide from January to April. This year, however, more than 900 sea lions have been rescued — and that number was expected to...
  5. HB,SoCal

  6. Friends, sorry to say that I wont be posting finds for a while husband was in

    I'm very sorry to hear about the accident. I wish him a quick recovery and wish you both well.
  7. ANYBODY HITTING LOS CABOS some vids of after the swells 'or maybe they're on a hot streak and keeping it quiet while they clean up.' - words of wisdom!!
  8. Unique ring.......had to post

    Very nice. Never have I seen the like. :occasion14:
  9. Yellow

    To me that's the perfect find...simply gold! :occasion14:
  10. Crystal Cove State Beach California 14K - Diamonds - What?????

    Excellent hunting, two winners! :occasion14:
  11. File Under: There ought to be a Law!!

    Beggars cant be choosers? That's an odd thing to say
  12. Real Beauties from the Balkans, Sweet Babes in Bikinis

    I like it....I like it a lot! :occasion14:
  13. File Under: There ought to be a Law!!

    The beaches here have been busy will the younger crowds lately and I have been finding my share of cheap crappy jewelry but this one really pissed me off today. I thought I had a winner, or at least gold with CZ's, but no, not even silver. It is a nice ring but come on! Who buys their fiance one...
  14. My favorite Easter color????????

    Another great find. :occasion14:
  15. Bandido II u Max

    Good find. :occasion14: