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  1. 💵 FOR SALE Freeloader Custom Pouches

    hold for more pics, later
  2. 💵 FOR SALE Freeloader Custom Pouches

    Hello, I’m back to making pouches, once again. I am offering 2 different style pouches in regular or jumbo sizes to accommodate your treasure hunting experience. All pouches offer plenty of room and multiple features. Whether you're on a short run thru the local park to find some clad or on...
  3. ❎ SOLD Tesoro Mojave detector

    WTS tesoro mojave, great shape works like it should. I never use it, time to get it out of the corner of the closet and out in the field. $150 Shipped paypal friends and family, USPS MO or $155 regular paypal.
  4. 💵 FOR SALE Detector pro rattler headphones

    WTS My rattler headphones, original owner excellent condition, well taken care of 1/4" plug Don't need these anymore my loss is your gain. $60 shipped paypal friends and family, usps MO or $63 regular paypal
  5. ❎ SOLD NIB Minelab 800

    SOLD WTS Brand New IN BOX Minelab 800 I bought this in July as a back up for a big beach detecting trip I was going on. Never used it or even took it out of the box except to take these pictures. it has sat in my closet since I got back from the trip. I have a baby on the way and since I...
  6. ❎ SOLD WTS Whites Eclipse coils coils, Equinox carbon fiber shaft

    For sale, Whites eclipse shooter 4x6 coil with cover. Original owner, less than 6 months old always used with a coil cover. Excellent shape, like new $75 Shipped Paypal Freinds and family or add 4% for regular paypal Whites Eclipse 9.5" Coil with cover. Original owner Less than a year old...
  7. Equinox 800 Gold

    Found this Wednesday, Thought it was junk, just tossed it in my pouch and kept detecting. When I got back to the hotel, I looked it over still thought it was junk, it has a real thin band and some arabic stamping in it. On my drive home, the more time I had to think about how deep it was, the...
  8. ❎ SOLD Equinox 600

    For sale, Equinox 600, bought this thinking I would be waiting for months for an 800. 800 came in the other day so I'm selling to recoup some of the cost. I used this for 4-6 hours at the local park volleyball court and playground still showing full on first initial charge. Has a couple...
  9. DIY Pouch

    I've been experimenting with HDPE and PET plastics. a drop in liner is what i was thinking.
  10. MD Gear Pack made by someone on these forums

    My wife loves hers.
  11. DIY Pouch

    PM me for info
  12. ❎ SOLD WTS Whites Eclipse 5.3 (6×6) Search Coil

    WTS Like new Whites eclipse 5.3 coil. Original owner, used twice, in excellent like new condition. Fits White's MXT, DFX, V3 and M6 detectors $100 shipped Paypal friends and family or USPS Money Order. Will accept regular paypal, add $4 to cover fees. Please PM me for details Thanks for looking
  13. Custom pouch by freeloader!

    Nice, you're dutch masters are going to ride in style now... lol
  14. ❎ SOLD Whites Gen 2 MX Sport

    WTS Whites Gen 2 MX Sport. I bought a buddies V3I so the Sport has to go. Excellent shape practically new, original owner, two months old and used a total of 1.5-2 hours at local park. never used in water. Screen still has factory protective plastic and factory batteries. Comes with coil...