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  • Hay Fullpan howes it shaking
    I'm really enjoying sharing all this mining stuff. Hope you get a chance to drop in at the East Fork River some time.
    Let me know a few weeks in advance and I'll join you there.
    I think Mellowyellow is going to meet me there this coming Nov.15th
    Hay, thanks for the likes, You might have noticed I tend to ramble.
    I'm new to this forum, but not mining. It is not a boring Forum.
    I see you live a fur piece from here.
    Yea I got a lot of family from the south. Mostly Oklahoma and Texas. I live near LAX. Get jet fly overs some times.
    I haven't done any mining in Nevada yet. Almost got a locksmith job in Vegas a couple months ago. Found out the shop would be sold in a year or so. I passed, I didn't need the drama.
    I use the mobile app, and it doesn't show these messages, so, sorry for the long wait for replies... I love this areabecause of the sheer amount of good prospecting locations! Went to a claim yesterday up in the Iowa hill area, old hydraulic mine; got skunked(only a pennyweight) and drank the rest of the afternoon. If your ever back In the area, give me some notice and I ll see if I can get a babysitter and go prospecting with ya.
    Gold is where ya find It.
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