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  1. You haven’t heard from me in a while I’m still living

    It hit 104 yesterday and 106 today. the only thing I did was a little mechanic's work, I put a rear end in my recliner!:laughing7:
  2. 💥 I like this coin a lot 💥 Which is favorite in your colection?

    I found this on another site. It explains the counterstamped coins better than I can. In the 19th Century, especially from about the 1820's to the 1880's it was a common practice to counterstamp coins for any number of reasons. Sometimes businessmen did so to advertise their business...
  3. 💥 I like this coin a lot 💥 Which is favorite in your colection?

    One of my favorite coins would be this 1825 or 35 half cent with my first two initials stamped in it.
  4. Find copper punch GW ans Iroquois stuff

    I like the counter stamped coin and the point is nice as well. Can you make out the date on the coin?
  5. Am I close to the gold?

    How big is your creek. How deep is the water? Most creeks here in south Georgia are about 30 feet wide at the most and the water ranges from 3-15 feet deep. In some areas during the dry season it can be less than one foot deep. The hard pan is usually less than a foot under the mud and sand.
  6. Digging in an old cemetery today .. Found some nice goodies!

    Good on both you and JVA5th.
  7. How old are you ?

    50 Streamliner, straight 8 and 3 speed manual transmission. It is driveable but needs a lot of work.
  8. A beautiful button up today..

    There is a period before the S and it looks like the remnants of a letter, maybe M before that period.
  9. A beautiful button up today..

    Did you post this button on a Facebook group? If so post that back picture here. It is much more legible. Looks like S & J ? ? Treble Gilt Stand Col to me.
  10. Need Your Help!

    Are there any marks on the bottom? Many potters make miniatures.
  11. A beautiful button up today..

    Try shining a light from the different angles, even from the side, to see if you can read more. Or take a picture in daylight but not direct sunlight. The lettering in the outer ring looks like "Stand:Col: ????". That probably means standard color or colour if it is British.
  12. Whats the significance of your selected profile name?

    Well, that was clear as mud! Is there an English translation?
  13. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Silver anchor button

    This one looks very similar to yours.
  14. How old are you ?

    Yes. 50 Streamliner with the straight 8 and 3 speed manual transmission.