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  • Hi Gary. :hello:
    How are you doing buddy? Hope you are still doing well. As we get older some marbles roll away from us.
    Oh, a story. My grandson 12 can not take marbles to school for playing marbles at recess. Seems it causes other students to feel left out when they don't have any. WTF. Naturally knives aren't allowed for playing mumblety-peg.
    Wow that sound like it could have happened any melted glass around the site....i wonder if there are any old newspaper clippings on that fire...would be cool to know
    had a bad dream while camping on Connecticut hill , when i woke i followed the trail from my dream and found a bunch of old bottles ... the dream was of an 1800's store burning with people running out of it..
    Thanks for the invite. I live in Canandaigua and work in Penn Yan. I have been through Montour Falls. My sons lived in Dundee for a while. Keep in touch maybe we can search together some day.
    was gonna see if we can set up something for this friday but my buddy's car is broke down so wont beable to make it up if you could have but its ok im sure we'll get together eventually and do some metal detecting
    its so funny that i read your message yesterday, When i was up there today there was a Ranger patrolling the areas, first in a blazer then on mtn bike, he pulled up next to me when i was getting my machine out of my van, he says "oh, your hunting around those old foundations?..... I get half the proceeds," .but he was kidding, so i showd him this little skeleton clock key i found, and hes like..whoa!! thats cooool, LOL ..then he says good luck and leaves. Im surprised you got booted out of there, they might be concentrating on people dumping tires and tvs now, some places up there really look like ****.
    as far as i know CT hill is ok for detecting, its wildlife mngmt, but in Hector they do not allow it, that land is National Forest reserve, theres no historical signs on Ct hill, ...the town of Hector has historical markers on quite a few sites and its patrolled much more. On Ct hill ive seen workers up there, but they dont bother you. I saw state troopers up ther once in a blazer, they told me to go find a gold boliva watch, lol.
    Hi Dennis
    Sorry to hear about the dialysis,i have a good friend here on it too.
    This winter just seems to be hanging on a long time.
    I got rid of the Tek. G2 it was the wrong machine for around here,i got a Tek. Omega.
    I know you were having trouble with the AT- Pro,and the 3030 would be a nice upgrade but the $$$.
    I`m waitin for Fisher or Teknetics to come out with something new ,maybe a water machine.
    Happy Easter to you and hope things go well for you .
    Hi Gary, :hello:
    I am fine I guess but have to have dialysis 3 times a week and this wears me out. On my off days I am ready for spring and open water. I hope to get out in the water this year as that is where the gold is. I won't be using the AT Pro either. It took 3 of them to get one that was stable out in the boonies with only one bar sensitivity. I have other MD's I like lots more. I never had any experience with Technetic's as our store never sold them. I was asked a few times by PM's to comment on them but had to tell them I didn't know one from the other. I get satisfaction on learning different MD's and now I have a bug to get the CXT 3030. But that is a lot of cash when I have other water detectors. I don't need a screen either.
    Take it easy Gary
    I am originally from New Bedford Ma I am living in Watertown Ny now after leaving the military i was stationed up here at Fort Drum
    hey gary ! to cold, to hunt in syracuse. found some old coins a week ago' near verona beach ,the sand is still froze. cya !
    Hi my name is Jeff. I live in Naples NY. I just bought a used detector and would like to add you as a friend. I am currently in clearwater florida,where I bought my used detector. Thank you.
    OK Doug
    Some plowed fields here we can hunt...or some old cellar holes too my# 398 8669 I live up over the top of Montour Falls 5 miles let me know
    Hi Gary, I see your in Watkins Glen, im right up the road from you just past Burdett. in your 40yrs of hunting have you been to CT Hill or Sugar hill? ...ive been literaly gridding CT Hill myself for the past 3 yrs.id really like to know what was found up there in past yrs, Ive had some great finds up there, belt plates, buttons, silver, coppers. I also found a few sites up there not on any maps. just thought id chime in and say hi since were fron the same area, HH, Doug
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