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  1. Todays Brain Teaser #66 (11AUG2013)

    Wind mill and none
  2. General Sherman

    Also the south burned there own homes and released there slaves and left so that Sherman had a lot of followers as there was no where to go . Again it's all about money . Greed
  3. General Sherman

    Both sides owned slaves. White or black . It was all about the money .that still goes on today look at the government .
  4. gadget1961

    hay i was interested in any places in savannah ga. which is chatham county or the...

    hay i was interested in any places in savannah ga. which is chatham county or the surroundings like effingham thanks joe
  5. A map to 8 treasures

    just look at it as there are pictures in the rock faces them selfs, like the mans face ect dont just look at the pic but look at it as you where there
  6. Vinyl sticker GEOCACHING

    I make those vinyl stickers such as geocaching and geocacher and other items related to metal detecting and geocaching , i am selling this one for 2.00 includes postage , also xmarks the spot , ect i take paypal let me know thanks this one is 7 inches by 1 inch , i can make it bigger or smaller
  7. General Sherman

    i agree with that amen ;D as for if no discussions then no one is reading them and their would not be a great site like this :D :) ;D i apologize if i offended anyone thanks for your understanding,, what a great bunch of people we have
  8. General Sherman

    its your post not mine. i am just adding to it and inputting my feelings toward what was said and done thanks bfn
  9. General Sherman

    not really, if you read the other posts and not just one, others where saying mostly that the slaves where killed or wounded ect. i was just writing into the whole not as one vision of one post, but all together, the war that others say are, ill say again from both sides of the line. True or not...
  10. General Sherman

    you know that each side will tell a different story and that each side will say it was handed down from generation to generation, no one here reading this was at the war and we all have to visualize what went on . What the cause was and how it was implemented to win the war against slavery...
  11. Pirates

    Hi i have read all the posts and some "yes" some "no" are real and so forth. Willie has the thing going research, i look at pictures and maps, i have a map showing where all the ship wrecks are and looking at them following the curant of the ocean and where its shallow and deep, the beach was...
  12. Test Tickles

    Subject: Test Tickles Subject: FW: ELMO FACTORY There is a factory in Northern Minnesota which makes the Tickle Me Elmo Toys. The toy laughs when you tickle it under the arms. Well, Lena is Hired at The Tickle Me Elmo factory and she reports for her first day Promptly at 8:00 AM. The...
  13. would like to know about this sign

    this is the other sign same but different lighting , now this is over 100 yrs olod from 1800s will that make a difference if not then what is it thanks
  14. Plantation

    ok , what if a plantation no longer exists and nothing remains and is all grown up and , lets say their is a mark on the tree, a big old tree and it says their is a gold stash buried ,what would it be buried inside of, or would it be inside a metal contaner and its 28 inches down and over 100...