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  • Jim,

    I haven't heard from you in a good while. How are things going? Have you found much?

    Let me know when you'd like to look and maybe we can get together.

    Hi Jim. Go into work at 2:00pm.Tuesday. If you are in the office in the morning I could bring the green felt by for you, and get my case. Maybe we could do lunch at Allen's. Called him when I got off work this afternoon to let him know I was back from Fla. as I had promised I would do. He was in a hole at Gorden. How many cases do you need green for? And do you need any of the gold if you have frames of river/creek finds?
    Finally got signed up Jim. Got to learn how to post pics. Look forward to some good fellowship on here. Enjoyed our visit today my friend.
    Thanks buddy for the reply.I'm in north Georgia myself, I live in Murray county.That is absolutely the best platform pipe I've ever seen.If its anyway possible when ya get time recon you could shoot me a pic of it for my own personal use of display.Thanks
    Hey Jim, I'm glad that worked on your clay pipe! I haven't been checking for messages and just saw yours. Been over a month, LOL! Happy Hunting!
    Sorry to be slow with a reply. I use the iPad almost exclusively. Just logged on with a big desktop and here are some notes. Yes I was at Rucker in '69 for flight training and transition to CH-47 training. Then off to Nam. The only time I flew medivac was when Ft Carson needed extra help. Pulled pilots from other units. Although we were all rated in UH-1, having far more time in a big powerful twin engine sort of took a refresher in different touch. Oh yes, the other time I was in a medivac ship was as a patient after a crash in Nam. Got shot down but all survived. Looking back I can't imagine how casually we treated such events. Another day in the AO.

    I'm retired now and have not touched a helicopter in years. Civilian aviation is boring, so I went a different career path.

    Next time we travel through southern Alabama, I think we will stop at Rucker to see what has changed. When was the last time you saw it?

    I enjoyed meeting you yesterday and was blown away with seeing the pipe. It is an amazing once in a lifetime find. I know you are still on a high! I guess that creek has become a PHO creek for you!

    I posted about your pipe on Son Anderson's website with a link to what you had posted. Everybody that has commented on it agrees with me in that it is a once in a lifetime find. You can see what they said here

    Son Andersons Message Board - Login

    I looked for 3 hours yesterday on the by pass and found one decent point and a handful of broken points. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed. Maybe I will have better luck next time.

    I look forward to seeing your next incredible find.

    Gas here today hit 4.99 9/10 a gallon Diesel $6.00 :(
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