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  • Hey Gary,
    Using my CTX I find that I can push the sensitivity on wet sand sometimes up to 28-30. However, in the water, if I set it at a sensitivity greater than 18-20 the CTX beeps with every movement. Am I doing something wrong? I know that in the water you have to dial back on the sensitivity but I am afraid I am missing too much at a sensitivity of 20. Thanks for your input. Your posts and assistance with the CTX are awesome. Ralph (Beach Papa)
    am i evil? lol so i talked to joe demarco and he is going to let me borrow a box for a minelab 3030 ctx and as a fathers day spoof i plan to put a garrett pro pointer in there in stead mwahahaha
    Hi Gary,

    I just moved to Pompano, and spent seven mornings with my old Whites Quantum II between the fishing piers. I really had a great time, and found my first ring in LBTS,

    When I got here A1A was closed between Sunrise and Oakland. I kept telling myself that this is where I want to search, but never got that far south. Everytime I saw the sand piled-up, I started to plan my next adventure.

    Unfortunately, I had to return to Pennsylvania for personal business, and won't be back for a few weeks.

    BTW, the guide on the WaterTaxi said there was a local guy finding gold jewelry on the beach...guess your reputation is spreading.

    George M. Allman
    Hey Gary, I got your Books! Fantastic! I just posted a pic on the shipwreck section.
    Hi I do remember meeting you guys and yes the CTX 3030 is my new main squeeze but my Excalibur and Sovereign GT are not going anywhere just yet. I am trying to spend as much time as possible with the CTX 3030, so far it is a great addition.
    Cheers Gary
    Hi Gary
    You may or may not remember me and our meeting in Vero Beach about 6:30am on the Rio Mar beach swinging our detectors. You shared some great finds & how you found that awesome ring aswell as some of the other great finds. Wishing you continued luck & skill.

    Is the 3030 your new favorite detector? Let me know if you ever want to retire your Sovereign.

    George [the tall one]
    Hi Hacksaw
    Try going in to the Tone ID profile and lowering the bottom ferrous line a couple of numbers to 23 then L to R set the first bin at 1 to 12, the second at 13 to 28 and the third at 29 to 40
    The pitch I have set at L to R 410, 100, 780 and 980 It is best to set the tones to suit your hearing and there are now several videos on youtube to show you how you set your Audio tones up.
    I hope this helps, the CTX 3030 is an awesome beach and water hunting machine.
    Best of luck
    Gary do you have a chart for changing the tones and splitting the numbers for the 3030 ?
    Everyone say use as is right out of the box...Iam in fla also but need to get my tones set
    So I can have a faster edge without going 2 months learning. Help.
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