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  • Hi GatorBoy,

    I didn't want to post this for everyone to see, so please keep this to your self.

    I am on Rte 441 2 miles south of Micanopy. The "old Indian trail" runs through my property-that's where I'm searching lately. But the whole area is likely the staging area for Osceola and his 200 Seminoles when they attacked the troops 3/4 mile up the road during the June 8, 1835 Battle of Tuscawilla.

    I have a current image of the satellite view of my property with an 1895 topo map I got from Historic Aerials that shows the trail as it runs through my property, that is outlined in red. Send me an e-mail address and I can share it with you.

    The property is mostly flat, and it gently slopes uphill as you get closer to the highway. I only have 2.8 acres, but if I find something interesting, I hope to be able to show it to my neighbors when I ask them for permission to search their property.

    Thanks again for the encouragement and input.
    I'm new. Don't know if this reached you. I've been a Seminole war digger for a while and know a few things. Anything on your end? My yard was either a campsite or stockade in the second of the three wars. Any good map links you could give me? Thx.
    Gator do u have an email add where i can send some pics for u to look at/ identify ? I cannot get them to post on this site at all. Thanks. award11
    Hey bro go give that post a bump. I educated him a little further. Heat treating started long before paleo times possibly 164,000bp I provided links showing that and how Clovis reduction technology incorporated heat treating. Some good reads check them out and have a laugh..........Chris
    Crazy news in FL!!!! Durn shame, too. This problem got worse and worse IMHOP after the abolition of the Isolated Finds Program but some will still go to the far, dark side from lust of just stuff/artifacts or money.

    I think honest collectors will begin to have problems now. A neighbor was just joking AT me cause he knows I collect. WTF? Now we are all "looters"??? If it's on FOX TV then that's what we are, period.
    I was going to trade off some of my better grade shell tools, adzes, hammers, netweights etc.(maybe for just beads cause I don't need anything and historical would be OK...) but now I don't know if I will!! Dayum! Damint!! How's anyone gonna downsize a collection now?
    Happy hunting GB boom.
    Hey man listen I actually thought that whole post was amusing. I did not mean to offend you bro. I've seen numerous examples, found a few examples and know its uses. As soon as I saw it I knew. They are very common finds up here. Man I seriously wish some scumbag didn't steal my collection. Each flippin post and reply brings up a memory of certain pieces. Then remember where they were found. I haven't been hunting in a while. That loss was painful. The culmination of 20+ yrs of searching gone in a instant. This happened a couple years back. I had a lot of nice pieces. Some memorable pieces, anyway I was having fun watching the replies on that post. It was like,"NAME THAT ARTIFACT!! and "HERE'S YOU CLUE JOHNNY!! WHAT??!! ONLY ONE PICTURE!!! AND FACING DOWN AT IT!!??.....LMAO!! So in other words don't be so defensive.........Caaaaannn yuuuuuuuu Diiiiiiggggg itt!!! I have to go reply to that post now!! rap with ya soon brotha!
    Hey Gator
    I started a thread and have pictures up of the artifacts you gave me,sorry I am so late.Tks again.
    Take care and Merry Christmas. Gene
    hey i couldn't get suspended this week i tried... best i could do was a deleted post ....seems your better at this than i am :laughing7:
    what part of fl. you in , i was rased in polk co. bradley bradley jct just south of lakeland . i now live in covinton co al. alot of stuff around this area
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