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  • Spanish silver hoard!

    My friend Buddy and I stumbled on a spill of 1700’s spanish coins. I dug 17 cut reales and Buddy dug 5 for a total of 22 in 2 days. We also dug buttons, buckles and more. The second pic shows the three cut pieces of eight that I found. i dont think we will be beating that anytime soon! For the...
  • King James Hammered Silver Sixpence

    I ventured back to the area I found the King James Hammered penny and about 100 feet away I found a King James hammered silver sixpence. I could not believe my eyes! I continued on to find a US plate, civil war bullets, a pommel and much more. Check out the video here
  • Gold Ring With Eagle On It

    Had a great metal detecting adventure yesterday! I found civil war bullets, colonial buckles and buttons but the main find was a gold ring with an eagle on it! I have not been able to find a similar ring anywhere. I believe it is a military ring since it has the eagle with what appears to be an...
  • The Find of a Lifetime!

    I have been hitting this area and have found lots of old coins. Yesterday i found a 178? Spanish reale, 1820 large cent, 1941 quarter, Indian head penny and one of the rarest coins i will ever find! A 1787 New York cent! It is eat up pretty bad but you can make out what it is. One article says...
  • Leather and Lead

    Found this a few days ago. Confederate ammo pouch with 23 Gardner bullets. The leather is in unbelievable shape!! It was buried in clay underwater. Here is a video taking it out of my pouch and inspecting for the first time.