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  • Hi Gary,
    Mike (BC1969) is teetering on the edge again, asked me to take over as Admin at ProBoards. I don't have the time he puts in it or the expertise.

    Just between you and me, not to be taken anywhere else, here's what he PM'd me last night.
    could you ask him to not get me into trouble, he thinks I threatened pippin, I did NOT..but still
    we were pm about pippin that night when I posted on the forum when everybody was pissed about the vet comments pip made and I was searching the web looking to see if pip does the same thing elsewhere, which I found he does, but anyway I said to gmd52 that I was going to be in flagstaff next week
    where pippin lives, he took it as a threat which it was co-incedence cant spell it.


    I know you two are seeing eye to eye. What the heck is going on? I need to calm that boy down!

    Give me some wisdom my friend :)

    Hey Gary, thanks for the defense of me!

    I begin to wonder if I should even be in that thread, can't believe the paranoia there, where I was only attempting to defend our friend Crispin.....

    Gary, wasn't Davest one of our fiercest critics?

    Did you see his post on 3rd Amendment being stepped on on "Everything Else"?

    We are swinging them, or maybe they're swinging themselves - they're finally starting to pay attention. Crispin, Davest, and sometimes SecretCanyon too.

    Time for Jerseyben to start looking around at what he sees too.

    Yep, it was a great weekend! Hope all is well with you too.

    64 years old, smoked since age 8 - 56 years....

    And participated in a Warrior Dash this weekend - 5k obstacle course @ 98 degrees F, and finished it. Though the heat certainly was getting to me at the 4k mark, kept pouring cold water on me to the end - a very heavy mud crawl, but I got there. Totally sun cooked :( But I finished :) My daughter didn't expect me to!

    But us old farts are downed right dedicated :)

    For videos, my first successes were today :) If you click the film icon, a dialogue box will pop up asking you the location of the video. The way I handled that was with the video up, but not playing, I hovered over the video with my cursor, and right clicked on the mouse. That gave me the video location, and I copied that location and pasted it into the dialogue box. and then saved the message. voila!! the video was there.

    Hope this helps some,

    Gary, I stumbled into posting pictures too.

    When you post a picture, in that pictoral menu above where you type has a tree icon, for pictures, and a film icon for videos.

    I've found that I have to have the pictures located on my hard drive. When you click on the icon for pictures, a dialogue box pops up and you click on the left for find on computer, and navigate to where you have the pictures stored. Select the picture, and the dialogue changes to "Upload", and it will save to your message - if you have the cursor in the message box. It'll show up as a number. I've discovered that you should hit the enter key to add a space between pics.
    Gary, I lost my place on the pics, and you may not have seen then all. Just finished as I received the "Like".

    Thanks, Roger
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Had a good day,lunch with my mom and some of my friends and then my husband gave me a Chico's gift certificate and a key lime pie,yum.
    Hey, just heard......You have the very best of birthdays:icon_thumright: And enjoy many more!
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