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  • Gold Maven, I joined this forum after reading your post about gravel pit gold. I have the same idea and am from a part of OH that is known to hold some placer gold. How has your experience been since you started in the pits?
    hello, im kevin im in cinti and im near stonelick creek and a couple of gravel pits in newtown one is abanden what would i look for and where in a pit near a creek or what? my son and i are new to this and we went to stonelick one day shoveled up a couple buckets and brought home to pan and found a bit of very fine micro gold we just cant get it though but its fun and we would love to find out how to get it from the pit if its even there. any help would be great and maybe we could hook up to sometime if your ever this way and pan the pit or creek thanks in advance Kevin
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