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  • Thanks Herb for the generous offer and it would be great to hang out with you in the Dale. If there is anything I could do for you to help in your efforts let me know, what is the best way to contact you( address and phone number would be great) as sometimes I head out there on a whim. My cell 858 248 7843...Rob
    I will be gone for the next 4 months or so from the internet we are going to do some serious prospecting.
    my site will still be up but I wont be updating, I hope to have a bunch of new stuff in the spring when we get back..
    was supposed to be off on the 1st taking a little longer shutting everything off so I don't have accesss to the web.
    Hi goldtramp, I am HBProspectors Partner. I call myself the Oak so do my Kids... :-) I love to hike used to run long distance now just a grizzly Hard Rock Miner. Therefore OaksTrails...
    We are Hard Rock Mining a vein that has PMG's, Gold & Silver.
    Would you happen to know or help us out on how to go about making a dory bar of these metals? All into one bar?
    Will we be able to melt all metals into dory bars without the aid of a smelter / furnace?
    Will we need to use any fluxes?
    Will the silver stay with the Gold and PMG's or flake / break off along with the slag?
    The Company that we want to have process for us will only take dory bars.
    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
    Links, web sites, videos and youtube are cool too.
    Thanks in advance.
    The Oak
    spent my grubstake the wife gave me on mining again i doubt i will get my site back up as gold bug has bitten me good this time.im to busy building a pile
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