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  • I'll be hunting at Pioneer Park in Lacey at noon on sat. June 1. Ozbach and I found several pieces of clad there a few. Days ago. But it was pretty rainy. So I thought I'd hit it again. If you are interested drop on by.
    Hey Gold digger how you doing? we have been out alot, and are doing pretty good lately.....give me a text the next time you are able to go detecting, I have to work tomorrow "saturday" so thats no good for me but durig the week Im most likely free....Mike 360-507-2439
    Hi golddigger,
    My name is Aaron. I live in Yelm. If you want to meet up sometime to go dig in the dirt for treasure, let me know. I just bought a Whites VX3 a couple weeks ago. Had a Bounty Hunter Landstar before that. The VX3 is a whole new world of fun. Though I still have found anything worth much yet. But each time out gets better. Anyhow, let me know if you'd like to get together sometime.

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