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  • I Want to go gold panning Right Now at 1223 in the morning... something is wrong im going to need a big flashlight. Now is the perfect time, great parking and no crowds. Lol... just kidding time for bed.
    looking to head for AK 40 mile dist.after retirement in 5 years ,plan to put together or buy 8" or 10". Am looking for parts or rebuildable dredge
    ★Fools gold is an annoying mineral made up of iron and sulfer. You know you have it when its thrown in the fire and it stinks real bad. Caliopyrite is even more annoying, because it is amix of iron sulfer and copper gold and or silver. Its a real pain to separate.★
    Finnally we got rain here in southern california, cant wait to get back up I. The canyon and nugget hunt in the canyons for real this time. :laughing9:
    Crack'n is my favorite and I think most productive way to find gold. Two other items I forgot to mention was a hacksaw blade, and one of those 6-8', 1/2" x1/2"x1/2" U channel shelf brackets, the ones with the slots for the brackets. You jam it back and forth in the crack with the u channel facing up, the channel loads up with material which you dump in a bucket. Faster and easier then using a spoon or crevice tool. I got your friend request I didn't quite know what to do as I hadn't had one before, I've been meaning to send you a pm. So please let me know if I did it right. Excuse my ignorance but how does it work is it a direct link as opposed to pm' s? Geez, I sound like an idiot.
    Well today I went to Lytle creek... had a blast, no gold. However I used my new metal detector found exactly what I was looking for. Lead slugs and it was telling me what number lead was. Well the gold gods have not been nice to me lately, however I know my luck will soon change. :unhappysmiley:
    Well I went sluicing on the last day of 2013... man it sucked, no one was finding gold. Im seriously thinking about buying a metal detector. Im sick of this 4 golden dust flakes after 10 buckets of river soil. Grrrr.
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