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  1. Any idea what the black stuff is?

    Any idea what that black stuff is? Found it in a river and decided to bring it home
  2. Any idea what the black stuff is?

  3. Jim Reynolds Gang Loot

    Amen to that
  4. Gold folks

    It’s still out there in places people have looked. Remote hard to get areas no one ever went to. Sure it’s not as easy as the old timers had it, but I’m sure there’s big chunks up in a tributary that’s been overlooked for centuries
  5. Gold folks

    Enough research and anyone from out of state can come and have a decent idea of where to start looking. Personally I live in Estes but typically go to the western side of the divide to detect or prospect. That doesn’t mean there’s no gold on the eastern slopes. Just means (personally my opinion)...
  6. Gold folks

    Depressions open up a lot of new horizons for people who don’t instantly crumble during them. You’re completely right. There’s still enough gold in this country to spark anouther rush for sure. They never even found the mother lode in alder gulch before they stopped mining out there in the 1920s
  7. Gold folks

    The younger people aren’t really into it it seems. They just wanna play video games and find virtual treasure instead of real treasure. I think it’s mainly just a dying hobby unfortunately, but hey more for us I guess!
  8. confederate treasure map ?

    Could be kgc, that would be cool
  9. Deadman's cave

    I’m curious about that too, like turtle markers? Crosses? Pointing stones?
  10. Jim Reynolds Gang Loot

    Good way to think about it. Sometimes there really is treasure though, that’s the only thing. I wonder if anyone really looks you know? And if they do do they find something? I probably wouldn’t say anything if I found $40,000 in greenbacks and two tins of gold dust.
  11. Jim Reynolds Gang Loot

    So I’ve been researching this story thoroughly, they’re on the run with vigilantes on their tail, run around mount Logan through Geneva gulch and a horse dies, then they go to the headwaters of deer creek, see an old mine shaft and hastily bury the loot, and stabbed a knife into a dead tree to...
  12. Deadman's cave

    Haven’t made it down yet but I’ve read about it, ever make it down there?
  13. Devils Head Colorado

    Woulda been nice if the journalist had mentioned which part of the mountain this happened on, did they record the forest fires back then in the area?
  14. Devils Head Colorado

    Interesting, ever get up there to check it out?
  15. Half Moon Gulch

    I haven’t been able to find anything at all on it, I live a few hours away from Leadville, really wanting to check this area out. Has there been any more info?