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  1. It's that time again!

    FYI Just got off of phone with BLM CA. State Office. Guy said it will be mid October before the backlog of Maintenance payments and waivers will be caught up. I saw a friends finally posted he mailed last week of August. I've talked to two fools who said they arent submitting to BLM because...
  2. Power sluice California law question

    Not neccesarily true. I introduced a lobbyist to S. POE. ( worthless tool )they tried to make a seperate clarifacation Bill. Headed by assemblymen Bigelow. They pussed out and tabled it in commitee.
  3. Classification Over Riffles Question

    At least three times the size of the material making it through the screen and your riffles should only be the size of the material at most. I would only run raised expanded as riffles under that.
  4. Gold Ore

    doesn't matter what your claim is "registered" as. It's a claim the legalities of blasting have nothing to do with it being placer or lode.
  5. Gild Rush Expeditions , Any success stories????

    Run away and keep your money. 17.5 hours away from where? Ask questions here and you'll get on more gold and gain more insight about claims. And you won't have to pay a thing. GRE is looking for easy prey.
  6. Float

    Don't rember if i read if you and/or Seth have a Falcon MD20 or not. they are handy for the quarts species around here. let me know if you want to check it out. give me a hollar I'm right down the road. i don't mind you guys borrowing it for a bit.
  7. "AXIOM"...Garrett's New Release - Here It Is!

    $4700 MSRP The MAP (minimum advertised price) is $3995
  8. BLM Form 3830-2 (Maintenance Fee Payment Waiver Certification)

    Im surprised they ever did it in the first place.
  9. BLM Form 3830-2 (Maintenance Fee Payment Waiver Certification)

    last year was the last year they mailed out curteousy forms
  10. AMRA President cited on their LEGAL mining claim

    so, the claims in the section that has the campground were located in 2013 it's the Navajo Flat campground. Ariel photo 2013 no campground in the flat (buildings and parking) Ariel from 2015 . five shade Cabanas. new pit toilet. organized parking thingamajiggary. we all know that FS can't get...
  11. AMRA President cited on their LEGAL mining claim

    it's a claim in LaPanza Ca. they were approached last year as well. The ticket is for "defrauding an Innkeeper" there is a third part concession that maintains the campground. As you and I know that is pretty common. I guess they told the club they need to pat the day use/ camping fee. I don't...
  12. Detecting Gold with a Cheap Detector

    I promise im not trying to discourage you. But, I wouldn't belive anything about gold dug until you see it your self. Not sure what part of the desert you are in. . But, if you want to detect gold you should be looking for evidence of shallow work. Stacked rock, shallow bedrock. lots of...
  13. Detecting Gold with a Cheap Detector

    so, heres some reality and its why I asked if gold has been found there. I've owned and used a Whites GM4B, GMT. owned a GBpro. still own a GB2. All gold detectors right. you will be lucky to hear a .15-20 gram piece of gold more than about an inch and a half deep. less in hot ground. So, if...
  14. Detecting Gold with a Cheap Detector

    do you know if there is even gold in the gravel?