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  • I'm new to this sight and was wondering how to find anyone familiar with La Barge canyon in the Super's of AZ. want to know the best way to get there, hiking, horse back ect. the quickest and safest. I do have family in Apache Jct.,but they have no interest. Would not want to go alone! Want to go to the base of Malapais Mountain for field work.I have been to Rogers Trough and to Canyon Lake and Apache Lake. I'm an ex Marine and been around the desert, but not this kind. Have done as much studying of the area as I can and memorized much of the western part of range. Need a little help to take next step in my research. I have run across some interesting things and need to view first hand. It has been extremely hard to find photos of the area of interest only have a few from hikers. It is not a very popular area I guess. No one ever seems to go there, just all around it. If you could help it would me much appreciated. Thank you sir for your time! Alan HS....
    Mr. Gollum. my name is Chuck Abston. I was at The Gold Finder exploration back in 1977. I was a SFC in the army and starioned at White Sands. I took over 800 photographs during the two weeks of gold finder. Several years ago I received a phone call from the arthur of The House of Gold. We talked for quite a while about the project of the book. I would like to get in touch with John. Do you know how I can do that or could you send him my email address and phone number
    ? the email address is cwa33582@yahoo.com and my phone number is 405-812-8223. Thanks Chuck
    Howdy mr. Gollum. I call myself HOGE. Ive been "treasure hunter" since 1968. TX/AZ/FL/CA/MX/etc.
    I contacted you because Ive met you at some of the THer shows.
    I also wished to inform you the the "Clearing" (of the Los Padres Mine), has been found. Its actually "under claim", in CA. In LA county, to be specific. Due to security concerns I cant give out more info, "@ this time"! But you can surely BELIEVE, that its been found. The Sespe area was explored about 20 years ago, and scratched off the list. Its a good starting point, as the "Assistencia" was found in that "area", about 1984. The "mine" is about 3-miles from the Assistencia, "as the crow flies".his particular project. Good Luck!!!

    HHH (HOGE)
    Thats enough for now. Hopw thie helps you not to exert any more on t
    Just viewed this post. Noticed the pic of 'the christ face that leads to a mineshaft'. I realize that this post is old but, have you explored this site and, could i ask for the location?
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