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  • Hello Evan, Jim again. My first time on the site trying to post anyone. Not sure if you will have contact info for me or even where your return message might appear. My email is reekax at sbcglobal dot net
    Hello Evan,
    My name is Jim. I am new to MD and I have purchased a new CTX3030 which is in transit to my home.
    The reason for my interest is that in the Summer of 1970 I lost my father's 1oz gold college ring in a lake. With the drought here that lake is now almost dry and the area where the ring was lost is dry. I want tot try and find the ring. I have waited 45 years for the lake to be dry enough to search and never thought it would be in my lifetime. I know it can be done for a high school ring was found there by MD that was lost 50 years ago. The lake has a lot of trash by the shoreline I know but my ring is off shore 150 - 200 yards or so. Not sure how much trash I will encounter there. I know the soil is clay and somewhat mineralized. Any suggestions on settings to get me going? I will have the stock as well as the 17" coil available.
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