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  • Back from the dead and put out to pasture now. If you want details drop me a line at I won't be posting that stuff here. best regards, ss
    Hey Buddy, Hope all is going well on your end. Just keep me posted as your trip draws near.
    Hey Buddy,I would like to get 250.00 for the nozzle and about 15' of suction hose.I will ship it for cost of shipping. Wes
    Still here, Just lurking in the background. Keep me posted on how things are going on your end Buddy.
    Ive seen a post you made sugesting you live in nome. i would like to visit but the hotels seem expensive. is there a camp site near town? cheers rob
    Happy New Year to you and yours Good guy.
    I hope you find many new riches in 2013.
    From the Bowen Clan
    Hi i am still trying to figure things out on here i went & got a set of scales to weigh my gold with in the past 7 weeks i have found 13.17g in little nuggets & 9.30g in dust & flakes, total is 22.49g i was hoping may be you new the newest gold price per ounce i don't know how to add how much i got up if you can break down the ounce price to grams message me back to how much 22.49 grams in worth,ok ty so much & god bless...
    hey goodyguy i was going to get in on that 2 day dig but i had just started going to thermal city mind for a few weeks & i was a little afraid to put up 150.00 but i really wanted to did you do the dig & i was wondering how much did each one get in the split if good i probably will try next time i know the 40$ gold dirt bags are the best i've seen in a while they sell,well i am new on here got a lot to learn if you know any one from around morganton, Marion, etc that is looking to add some more friends send them to me i would like to meet a few people gold hunting around chat with.may be a few things new.
    Hey Buddy, Just wondering how you were doing and hoping the new job is working out for you. Drop me a line when you get a chance. We both have to get our ducks line up with work and financial security, but my long term goal is still on a creek bank. I will turn 63 this Saturday, so in 2015 I will be able to draw full SS and make all I want on the side. At that time, I will start prospecting most of the time, if not full time. If our health hold out and Good Lord willing, we will still find a Winter and Summer claim to work, as we wish.
    Department of Homeland Security buying up enough ammo to wage seven-year war against the American people
    Thought you might be interested in this link.

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Anderson Detector Shafts

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