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  1. Antique writing desk - please identify if possible

    I don't think it has been refinished but I'm certainly no expert. It may have a secret compartment and I will be looking for it when I get it home.
  2. Antique writing desk - please identify if possible

    I purchased this antique writing desk through a local estate auction yesterday. The bidding was frenzied in the last hour but I managed to snipe it away. I will pick up the desk and chair tomorrow and I paid $420 for both pieces. What period is this desk? Victorian?, Edwardian? Georgian? Did I...
  3. THE Random Chat Thread - AKA "The RCT" - No shirt or shoes required - Open 24 / 7

    I'm around. I just despise the new layout.
  4. LivWell pot shop is great!

    'blowing pot' đŸ¤£
  5. Vote For Your Favorite Metal Detecting YouTube Channel

    Thank you for not including 'Digfellas' He is such a putz.
  6. Rest in Peace my angel

    Thank you all for your kind words. It helps.
  7. Rest in Peace my angel

    My wife, my friend, my detecting partner, my rock, Sharee passed away on August 20th after a horrific bout of metastatic brain cancer. I will not heal from this anytime soon. So many mistakes were made with her 'treatment'. Her very first chemotherapy treatment on June 3rd was canceled because...
  8. Lottery winner update, here's what we did

    The Lord called her home yesterday. I am devastated.
  9. The Tungsten Carbide Mystery?

    Do you know why we never find tungsten carbide ladies wedding rings? Because men are stupid enough to accept these worthless trinkets.
  10. What is valuable that can be found with a magnet?

    Rods and reels, filet knives, tools, trolling motors, maybe a safe, guns, keys and yes, cell phones.
  11. Lottery winner update, here's what we did

    Very inspiring message, thank you. I offer my condolences on your own tragic losses.
  12. Lottery winner update, here's what we did

    She is in hospice care in an assisted living cottage that costs $11,000 per month. I had to do battle with the hospice team, the hospitalist, her case worker and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in order to convince them that she had 100% coverage for residential hospice care. After three weeks and...
  13. I won a million dollars this morning

    She requires 24hr care. In-home hospice care only covers two hours per day and only for three days per week. She is being well cared for at an assisted living center that has a cottage environment.
  14. I won a million dollars this morning

    Financially, things are great. We've made some improvements to the property such as a new Trane furnace, and a Culligan water softener. We had a manual transfer switch installed in the basement for the WEN 11,000 watt dual-fuel generator. Several weeks ago we had a monster storm that knocked...