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  • Hi I just wanted to say how much I like your videos. When I can't get out due to the weather or due to my schedule it is nice to feel like I am still out there through your videos. Keep up the good work and best of luck.

    P.S. say hi to Jack :)
    Hello Max,

    I saw your video "DEC 28TH - 3 of us took a spin on thimble beach and beyond" and I think you were honest about your evaluation except you MAY have missed a detail. I am not sure what generation Denny has but we now weld the tube to the underside of the top plate at 4 places and is the reason we do not weld all the way around on the top. Do you have Denny's phone number? I would like to talk to him. Thanks

    I cannot figure out how to attach images. Can I send to your personal email?

    Chuck Madigan
    Max, looks like you have a good ocean machine. I am in Hawaii for two weeks, brought my AT Pro. I am a little disappointed I can only use it on dry sand. I will have to find a better machine for salt water beaches.
    Thanks Max The apartment is up stairs has two bedrooms deck it is about a half of a block north of that resturant that is on the corner. Can't remember the street name. I do know it is one block from the bay and he can see the bridge from his deck. The rent is $1200 a month. He hated having to move. His X girlfriend is there now but she is also trying to rent it out as she needs to move. Thanks again for your help. Jim
    Thanks max! I may take you up on it! What do you think of the AT Pro? Been looking at it for a little while and it seems like a good all round detector but I'm not really sure.....figure YOU would know better!
    Thanks for your help today on the beach. I can tell you are very knowledgeable about MDing and I really appreciate your taking the time to give me some pointers and do a comparison between my detector (bad) and yours (GREAT) for the area we were in. Right after we split up, and on my way off the beach exit, I was able to find a sinker similar to the one you pulled earlier along with a spring from a clothespin. Far cry from all the coins you were finding! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you (as well as Jack and Kenny) again up there!
    Hi Max I had a question for you do you live a Chic's beach? I think that is how they spell it. My son has apartment there and has just been move the Kitty Hawk it is with Outback. He has the apartment lease till June. I just was hoping you mite know someone who would like to live there. I know it is had finding apartments in that area. He would sub lease it. Just though I would ask. Thanks Jim Robertson
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