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  1. two buttons from the sea

    denny and myself found two buttons on the beach yesterday. can anyone help with possible i.d. thanks . . . .
  2. i guess someone around here could not stand the new guy finding gold

    rings. . the guys sailed back to the land of nada today and they all found hundreds of pennies scattered all along the area we have been hunting last few days. that is a lowlife sucker.
  3. land of nada yesterday: ringman scores ring no 3 & 4 - one is fat 18k ticket

    coming in at 9.7 grams of fine yellow metal - i like it. soon afterwards he has another ring in his 720i stealth scoop - this one is just a meager titanium ticket, but nice looking. the rest of us have the mumbles on this day, but the guru does find a mood ring later also. life in the lane -...
  4. Surfchurch nets the ringman another nice 14Ker - clad for me :)

    Surfchurch at the land of nada today. Ringman and myself spin in the southern territory today. We run into out buddy from Halifax, NC – u know him – Mr Stuart – he was coming in at the pier with his dual field heater – heading north. Odd day today in nada – very little trash tickets – just...
  5. spoons for me today - Denny hits 2 old silver coins - the bay

    light rain - nice temps . . vid is out there - gravediggermax on you tube. . . .
  6. Jan 2nd - Denny strikes 14k ring - a marble and nice old bottle for me - the bay

    we hunt the lower chesapeake bay in norfolk. . . . long vid also - see gravediggermax on you tube. - if u want to watch. . . . .
  7. dec. 31st was a good day - nice ticket - today = bling

    i find a old money clip buried deep in the sand - i like it. - 50's 20's - unknown for now. . . . . . . . . .
  8. new Stealth 920iX beach scoop is availble now

    . . THE NEW SUNSPOT TOOLING TREASURE SCOOP: STEALTH 920Ix.......:icon_thumright: . This is a partial quote from Wild Digger on You Tube - he pretty much summed it up pretty good I think. “WildDigger” “I like that new stealth, it looks like he took the best of every scoop out and made a beast”...
  9. 2014 was a Great Year .. 6.77 oz Gold & Platinum .. Couple Once in a Lifetimers

    i just signed a contract on a new condo across the street from yours :)
  10. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our home to yours !

    wow - white stuff same to you. see you at the fence in 2015 then.
  11. Merry Christmas

    see u soon in the lane
  12. New Sunspot 920iX

    one will be in the land of nada in 1 to 2 days for testing and comparison and video. stand by for more
  13. ctx popped out a really nice old ticket today from the sea

    i like it . . Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . . .