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  1. A few of my past finds dumpster diving

    3 garbage bags full of flower and vegetable seeds. Loads of make up. My entire van full from staples , pens , pencils , books , paper , binders , suit cases , etc. Lawn sweepers , tents , sump pumps , gas engines , etc. It's a fun hobby , and you would be suprised how much waste there is :(
  2. Decent haul lastnight

    First time out in over a year. Got a bunch of air and fuel filters, nylon bearings , weed whacker spools , etc
  3. 1/4 British Sovereign I think

    Its dated 1889 , not 1896. Couldn't see the date without a magnifying glass.
  4. 1/4 British Sovereign I think

    I added a couple pictures
  5. 1/4 British Sovereign I think

    I have the opportunity to purchase one with a date of 1896 I believe. Has anyone heard of these ? I tried looking them up, but there is not much information on them. Its so small , that you need a magnifying glass to read the date. Can anyone provide any info. Also the guy wants $80 CAD for it...
  6. 1917 Newfoundland 25 Cent

    He said it was pretty neat. I told him to let me know the next time he tears out another sidewalk 😁
  7. War of 1812 cross belt plate, Rev War buttons, seated, archaic

    I'm amazed by the relics and coins that you find. Gives me motivation.
  8. 1917 Newfoundland 25 Cent

    My first one. Found it on a sidewalk tearout. Friend of mine was the forman , so I asked him if I could sweep it real quick. He said not a problem.
  9. Silver kind of day

    1968 was 50 % sliver , and the last year. 1967 was a mix of 80% and 50% , and pre 1967 was 80%
  10. 1833 Hard Times Token

    Nice find. I've only ever found 2 , and they were in worse shape than yours.
  11. Silver kind of day

    Got my DFX yesterday and finished work early , so I decided to go out to my cousins property for an hour and a half. It has 12 cottages on it from the 1940,s . My uncle had hunted it before, but he missed a few 😉 Looking forward to getting back into the farm fields again.
  12. A Roman Site - 53 Bronze + 2 Hammered...

    I know you've posted all of your gold coin finds, but I would love to see a picture of all of your hammerd silver.
  13. DD Finds

    Just a few things I've found
  14. Whites Coinmaster 6000/D spotted this morning...

    Nice scores !!
  15. Who is buying 40s

    But most of the people in this forum are not paying numismatic prices, they are paying face value. Thats why the forums called coin roll hunting and not coin shop hunting.