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  • Cut 1652 Massachusetts Oak Tree "spiny tree" schilling

    I was digging in a colonial field in Central VA and had a pretty scratchy tone however there is little trash so I dig most signals. After it came out of the hole I was sure I had another cut Silver reale as I have dug a few others at this site. After looking at it I noticed the lettering and...
  • Incredibly epic Civil War Trash pit dig. 7 plates in 1 hole, leather pieces, hooks et

    Had the most incredible day digging in the Fredericksburg area the other day. After not finding much things changed very quickly. Here are most of the finds from 1 trash pit minus some of the leather. Basically I was hunting a CW camp and had a pretty choppy signal after opening the hole signal...
  • Incredible 4 day hunt at Civil War Union Camp 3 plates and more

    Highlights from 4 days of digging untouched union camp. 3 plates all within 25 yards of each. 2 NY buttons, lots of scabbards pieces, sword hanger hooks knapsack hooks and over 50 bullets not shown. Grateful to be on such a site and able to save some incredible history.. Lots more acreage to cover.
  • CW or Pre civil War Virginia militia plate? Trying to authenticate.

    Found today only 2 inches down. Hoping this is original and not a replica. Apparently if real they are very rare. Writing says Sic Semper Tyrannis with Virginia underneath. Extremely thin brass.