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  1. Finally some silver!

    Wow perfect thing. Collecting antiques is my hobby too. I collect it and posted pics of my coins in twitter. Its quite fun hobby. But my account is fresh and I do not have much visitings of followers so decided to test some additional service which...
  2. Mobile, Alabama

    Hi. Alabama cool place
  3. Hi all!

    Hello nicely to meet you
  4. New member from The Carolinas

    Hey and welcome
  5. renewed member

  6. Hello new guy from Kentucky

    Hello. Nice to meet you
  7. Bought someone’s collection - I know nothing about stamps

    Cool I want to buy some stamps too for my future collection
  8. Crystal club soda bottle

    Wow interesting bottles
  9. Virgin Ground Again

    Wow amazing. Congratulations
  10. 🥇 BANNER 1804 Dollar......No jokin' About This Token!!!

    Nice one. Congratulations
  11. Indian happy dance

    Good job
  12. Yale lock

    Looks very old lock. I collect some old stuff too like sculptures, icons and etc. Congratulations. Sculptures are art works that carves statues on wood metals or stones. It can either be carves or cast. Cast sculptures are made of bronze and is a practiced ancient technique carved sculptures are...