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  • Which beaches did you hunt? The beaches in this area are frequented mostly by locals, so you don't have a huge influx of depositors. locals don't lose as much at the beach. You have to hunt the touristy areas.
    thats awsome. i hope it works out. i need to get the number for the ghost town. the entrance is off ouzis rd. not the oister bar
    im about a mile from the grocery store in woodville. ive been wanting to go to shell point to hunt for things. back in the 1800 s i think it was a big fishing spot for everyone
    if you dont mind me asking, where in tally do you live? check this sight out Florida Tourist Attractions | Haunted Places
    That pic here with the waterbury, conn on it, im from waterbury originally, and seen that factory many a time...lots of history...nice finds!!
    Hi, for those of you visiting my profile please check out my album which contains pictures of Second Seminole War artifacts which i uncovered on my property!
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