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  1. Prehistoric Finds Never Fail

    Thanks guys! Was super jacked to find them XD
  2. Prehistoric Finds Never Fail

    Hope everyone's doing good today. I just got these beauties looking for shark teeth. If you wanna see the video of my recovery of them, here's the link. It was honestly a beast hunt.
  3. Tallahassee, FL vintage coke bottle!

    lol I was 16 then after all...
  4. 15,000 Year Old Discovery of Lifetime

    haha exactly ;) thanks brother.
  5. 15,000 Year Old Discovery of Lifetime

    Haha thanks man! Still can't believe it!
  6. 15,000 Year Old Discovery of Lifetime

    I was so shocked my jaw fell to the floor! ;)
  7. 15,000 Year Old Discovery of Lifetime

    Haha thanks man! It was crazy! haha
  8. 15,000 Year Old Discovery of Lifetime

    Hey y'all! Been a while since I last posted. Recently I found this fossilized 15,000+ year old Tapirus Veroensis jawbone (Vero Tapir). By far my best find ever. Came straight out of a North Florida creek. Absolutely baller. The restoration process was a nightmare haha Hope you enjoy the pictures...
  9. My best find in 15 years

    Wassup y'all! Saturday me and my dad & brother went looking for fossils in north florida and I found this absolutely gorgeous fossilized dire wolf tooth. My best fossil after 15 years of doing this for sure. This puppy is 1.5"x1.80"!! A true prehistoric monster!!
  10. Is this a walrus bone or something???

    alligator/crocodile jaw. quite common. cool find.
  11. Hunting fossils with Youtube star

    Hey yall! I went out hunting for fossilized sea urchins with famous youtube star Paleo Cris. Hope you enjoy our hunt :) We found some killer fossilized and crystalized sea biscuits!
  12. HUGE Palladium Ring!!

    Thank you all! It was so awesome to be able to find it so quick for him :))
  13. HUGE Palladium Ring!!

    Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while cause I haven't done much metal detecting, but today I got a text at 10:03 from a friend who told me his buddy lost his wedding ring last night in the front yard in a water balloon fight with his kids. I promptly drove over to the guy's house and found the...
  14. Found Beautiful Coral Geodes!!

    thank you sir!
  15. Found Beautiful Coral Geodes!!

    That he does! :)