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  1. South FL beach Re-nourishment

    I agree. It's just funny that people can post pictures of rocks and believe they're dragons and its fine, but dont believe FWC propaganda and everyone gets their panties in a wad.
  2. South FL beach Re-nourishment

    Those were dugong, not West Indian manatees.
  3. South FL beach Re-nourishment

    Yep. They migrate. They've been seen as far north as Massachusetts in the summer. Does that make them native to there?
  4. South FL beach Re-nourishment

    That is what the current narrative is, because Manatees have become a big tourist draw especially in places like Crystal River, just nort of me where they survive due to the discharge from the power plant.
  5. South FL beach Re-nourishment

    Well, manatees are an invasive species here in Florida....
  6. 1st gold of 2022

    I lived in Honduras for about 8 years and drank the heck out of it. Glad to be able to get it here in FL now.
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Small Aluminum Tag ID?

    You're probably right. When I searched that number Lauson 4-cycle engine came up.
  8. "Possible" 1715 fleet or older mystery artifact found on the beach

    Could it be a bearing? It kinda looks like there are ball bearings around it...
  9. 10th Annual Treasure Hunter's Cookout

    Looks like that's from 2018....