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  1. Silver mug

    No marks, not silver.
  2. finished some hand forged sterling bracelets today

    Yup, it's an old post and I'm and old guy who still pounds the metal once in a while. Doug, drop me PM if you like. TH you know I only show my work sometimes, never advertise it for sale here. Happily every piece in the photos here were sold through the store that represents my work. Bracelets...
  3. Guns?

    Stone, shooting is still an Olympic sport and there are thousands, rather millions of people in this country and many other countries who enjoy target shooting. Has nothing to do with pacifism, religion, or politics, shooting is and has been a sport for centuries. Before target shooting with...
  4. Does anyone know what this is? Found it today metal detecting.

    Looks pretty fat for a 9MM, looks more like a .45 ACP to me.
  5. Schrödinger's WannaDig3687

    You may be over some heads here Creaky, Not all that many are hip to Schrodinger's cat.
  6. Dream piece for my wife...from my finds, merry christmas !!

    Love the cob stting with the little square faceted stones!! Your jeweler is a very good technician with a great sense of style!
  7. Sign Salvage

    I find it hysterical that you would find a sign that says B-A in the water!! Around here everybody had a BA, short for bare a$$ and what we called our summer swimming holes. "whaddaya wanna do today, its hot! Let's go down to the BA and cool off." was a common conversation, and we'd grab our...
  8. Anyone else like these?

    Man, one of my favorite things about late fall is the availability of chestnuts! My mom always made chestnut stuffing for Christmas and/or Thanksgiving turkeys and I can eat them every day and not tire of them. Of course one needs to eat the good ones, not "horse chestnuts". Most I get in the...
  9. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED A cannon ball (maybe)

    There used to be a historical marker on 17 near the thruway exit stating it was the site of Fort Ramapo, the sign is no longer there. The sign was not actually on the site and I have no idea why it was removed. The Rockland County Historical Society knows about it. I have spent many hours in the...
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED A cannon ball (maybe)

    Hey Envoy, I go to Mahwah fairly often, did not know there was a museum there. Mahwah is right close to the site of the old Fort Ramapo which is mostly under the thruway/I 287/Rte 17 interchange so entirely possible for a cannonball to have been found in the area before they built the big roads...
  11. BERING SEA GOLD - GOLD RUSH THREAD - The Home Of Nome And Beyond...

    A buddy loves all the gold rush series, much of it boors me. I discovered "White Water" last season and I do like watching those crazy guys diving for nuggets. Looks like they don't find enough to pay much though.
  12. Cat in a box

    What a beautiful black cat!!
  13. Crushed beer cans make me want to hit myself with my own shovel.

    Discrimination is a great thing without a doubt, but the only foolproof target ID is when it's in your hand. I have never had a half dollar sound like a can (they don't sound as loud with the coil 8" high), but have found other relics with some value that sounded just like a can. I use the "lift...
  14. Silver Buckle

    I agree, buckle looks 1920s-1940s by style and construction. I found a similar one in a bottle dump at a house built in the 1920s, all the bottles were 1920s-1950s. Gotta love sterling buckles no matter what the age!!

    Download and print the free user manual on the Minelab website and read it multiple times. Most questions will be answered there. In general gold reacts better to higher frequencies and silver to lower frequencies. Your Nox is a multi frequency machine, and will find it all with no real...