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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED I found this in the Deserts of the Southwest United States with my Gold Detector.

    You could use a water method to determine its exact volume, then take the exact weight and get an idea what element it likely is based on weight per volume.
  2. Dowsing success

    I must also add that when placing the rod into a metal sleeve for better swing, it did not react the same way, and the swining around was too erratic with walking. Sleeve material was cupro-nickel automotive brake line tube, which the 1/8" L-rod shaft handle fit into perfectly. Also, with the...
  3. Dowsing success

    A member on here prompted me to try dowsing for myself a little while ago, he said if looking for gold, have small piece of gold in your non-dominant hand and a magnet to negate the "rings", for an L-rod he said to use 1/8" 316L welding rod, 16-28" long, I went with 21" long, with a 4" handle...
  4. Making a deep probe (out of pinpointer?)

    Anyone know if its feasible to make a 2 feet long or so pinpointed probe with a narrow shaft (1/2-3/4" thick) for drilling holes with a 1" wide auger and probing for metal detection?
  5. OK, take your best shot dowsers

    I certainly will!
  6. OK, take your best shot dowsers

    Funny you should mark that spot, as it's the location of the outhouse :) not where the target is buried as legend has it, but probably some valuables down there haha
  7. OK, take your best shot dowsers

    Thank you, Red, I'll have to check those spots out when I get a chance. Not sure what kind of coins they are, likely silver. Did you get any hits on the second location? (Reply #3 of this thread)
  8. OK, take your best shot dowsers

    Thank you Signal, can you mark the spots that stand out to you?
  9. OK, take your best shot dowsers

    Thank you Signal, I appreciate it. How about this photo:
  10. OK, take your best shot dowsers

    Supposed buried jar of coins.
  11. Which metal most closely emulates a gold signal to a PI machine?

    Looking to make some test targets to bury, I have a GPX-5000 for reference. What coins could I use to best emulate gold? Nickels? Aluminum tabs?
  12. Best settings for GPX-5000 for cache hunting?

    Hey again guys, I got a GPX-5000 recently, and am still learning the machine, what would be the best settings combination for cache hunting? This would be eastern US mountain forest type soil, hunting silver or shiny yellow caches. Thanks in advance
  13. Minelab Pro Find 25 is garbage

    Lol yes, I changed the battery, twice, both times brand new store bought Duracell 9V. Maybe the 35 is a better pointer, but even that one I've heard not good things about.
  14. Anyone know if caches sink, also, what depth?

    It's really two questions: 1) What is the depth range that actual coin caches were commonly buried? 2) would a jar of silver or gold sink very deep over say a 50 year period? Area is eastern mountains.
  15. Minelab Pro Find 25 is garbage

    First off, Minelabs are good machines, their actual metal detectors. For pin-pointers, they're asleep at the wheel. I bought a Pro-Find 25, brand new. It seemed ok at first, it was detecting shovel heads at around 2 feet, my truck at 5 feet or so, and then on small metal objects it was...