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  • I see that you havent been on here in a while but would like to talk to you about the Knaggs trading post site , I have metal detected for years and just moved to the area and had that place on my list to look into and came across what you had wrote about it . If you have the time I would love to talk to you about it.
    New to this form still trying to figure my way around this site/ looking for people in western pa to central pa to hunt with from time to time. Ru in pa? Sending you a message to as a test corrispondence. Saw the 2013 post most on the site are from years past. Any help ?questions kinda looking for a sponser if i have questions here

    WOW just wanted to say hope there's more women as pretty as you out detecting.
    I was wondering where you obtained information on the Robert Gordon's strongbox in poultney creek near Whitehall, NY. Also do you have any other information on this or can you point me in the right direction? If it is found, I will deffinatly throw something your way!!!
    Hay Gypsy, all these years looking at your avatar and thinking 5'1, 300# in real life. You had me fooled. You look just like your avatar except you have better looking hair. Kids look good too. Take after mom I guess. I am going after one of your caches right now. Best of luck to you, Frank
    Wondering if you have any other info on the Spanish gold in cass county mo ? I can't seem to find much info and I seen you had a post on it. This is the first time on hear and I'm not sure how to post.
    With Thanksgiving and all I'll be thinking of you. I hope you, the girls and the rest of the family have a great holiday season!! Your mailbox is FULL!!
    Gypsy Hear, I haven't seen a post from you in awhile? You ok? Hope so. Let us know. Take care.

    Your Friend,

    Steve in Michigan
    I've been away from the board for a year now. Just popping back on to see if the old crew is still here and I see you are quiet as well.

    Just passing on my best and hoping you and the girls are well.
    Hope you and the girls are doing okay. Stop in sometime and say hi, you won't even recognize the place since your last visit.
    Unfortunately time continues its steady gait and we have no choice but to accept what ever it brings along with it. I hope you and your girls are well. May God bless you and yours. Take care.
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