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  1. Hello

    You're most welcome 🍹🍹😎 It's difficult to identify, all I can say is there is a table in net you can compare those stones. I wish you all of the best 🏆🥇😎
  2. Hello

    Welcome aboard :skullflag:8-):hello:
  3. 7 Hour Water Hunt....Gold and Silver

    Very nice :icon_thumleft::occasion14:
  4. I think I found another swimming hole!

    Very nice :hello2::headbang::hello:
  5. Just curious. New here.

    Welcome :occasion14:
  6. OCD

    Impressive detecting :hello2:Congratulations:occasion14:
  7. Gold ring with 70 diamonds

    You're most welcome 🙂 I wish you all the best in your life detecting 🥇🏆😎
  8. Gold ring with 70 diamonds

    Impressive detecting☠🙂congratulations :hello2:
  9. Finds 2021

    Thank you, I think we use the same metal detector on coast. Best wishes and all the best to you :occasion14:

    Impressive detecting, congratulations :occasion14:
  11. Finds 2021

    Hi and Hello to everyone :hello: Here's some finds last year, hope all are doing well and healthy. Thank you :occasion14: Hamid
  12. Beach hunt double gold and more

    Very nice :hello2:
  13. My First Gold Coin - and Best Find to Date

    Very nice :hello2:Congratulations 🎊🎉🍹🍹🙂
  14. 4 more rings...

    All the best next spin. I don't know what MD that have been used VLF or PI? Hamid