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  • Hi Darrell I am Dave Hakes I know some significant uses of Photography to find Ground disturbances for up over 100 years as simple infrared, and an Ultraviolet cross strobe added and it will show gold and precious metal deposits up to 15ft underground. I am a pilot and nowdays a Helicopter is not needed with the new drones that are out, if you are interested in talking I would like to help however I can.
    possibly spanish id really like to see those one day, ive lived in the north the south the east and the west so ive seen alot of historical sites and collected rocks from all over the country, the chumash cave is too far and i dont know of any other historical sites in the area. so if you ever need an extra set of eyes or some extra hands feel free to contact me, anyways nice to finally meet another local treasure hunter 8-) thanks Danny

    haha my message was too long had to split in into 2
    hi HT, i recently found this site and have been looking for local (san luis obispo co) treasure legends, lost caches (avila bandits cave, the lost SLO mission silver mine, captain drakes buried treasure just to name a few). im out of grover beach age 27 ive spent the better part of the last 3 months researching the area and its history, went out northeast of lopez lake and southwest of pozo saloon gold prospecting i got a little flour gold that day . ive really been wanting to go to la panza but i dont know what to expect and dont want to go alone most importantly i definitely dont want to be on anyone elses claim. and advice on the terrain what i might need or what to watch out for would be extremely helpful, i noticed a post while reading the los padres mine forum that you have some old rock formations on your claim,
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